FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How did you come up with The Cricket Toy™?

For a long time now (many years), my friend and I have said “Chirp. Chirp.” whenever there are awkward moments. We make a lot of jokes, and by nature, some of them are not funny. Hence the chirping. A number of years ago, I came up with the idea of having a little toy/gadget with a button you could push that would make the chirping sound. With the help of my ‘Cricket Team’ of advisors and a friend who creates products in China, theCRICKETtoy™ was made!

What is this ‘Cricket Team’ you are talking about?

There is a verse in the Bible that says “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed” (Proverbs 15:22). I’m a fairly creative, right brained sort of guy and I felt like I needed help as I was developing this toy. So I assembled a team of advisors that are good friends with different skill sets to help me as I birthed theCRICKETtoy™. From CPAs to Marketing MBAs, businesses owners to studio musicians, I created a team of people who would give me honest feedback and help me make theCRICKETtoy™ one of the most useful products ever to be created in the history of the world!!! Ok, ok…to create a fun, silly gadget that millions of people who find TONS of uses for and help the world laugh a little more. Once you own a cricket, you will be amazed at how many awkward situations you can get out of by simple “Pressing the button.”

What’s the life expectancy of my cricket?

In the wild, crickets have an average adult life span of 12-24 weeks. Even though your cricket is in ‘captivity’ (on your key chain, or in your pocket), your cricket should live anywhere from 6 months to 1 year with normal use*.

*Normal use would constitute approximately 10 awkward moments (chirps) a day. I sat and counted (true story-drove my family crazy) and it wasn’t until AFTER 3,000 chirps that he started slowing down.

When should I use my cricket?

Anytime there is an awkward pause. As your friends become more accustomed to your cricket, you may find it useful anytime certain people speak.

When should I NOT use my cricket?

In the class room, during weddings and funerals and during a movie. Now immediately following a really bad movie preview is an acceptable time to chirp (please consult your local movie theater’s “cricket usage policies” page to be sure though).

What is your return policy? If your cricket is defective in anyway, you may return him within thirty (30) days of purchase for a replacement cricket. Products may not be returned just because you’ve now realized that you don’t have awkward moments in your life (wait for them…they WILL show up!)

Where did you get the sound for your cricket?

This is a great question that has a fun answer. Through some friends, I discovered that one of the studio trumpet players in town can make a GREAT cricket chirping sound. So, I hired him to come into my recording studio and ‘chirp away’ into the microphone. We then took our favorite chirps of his, sped them up just slightly and added a little reverb to give a more ambient nature sound to the cricket. At one point during the session, we had cricket talent, engineer, producer and assistant all in there trying to get the best possible chirps. Any time that you can say to a professional musician “Ok..now give me a little bit faster and sadder cricket,” it is a good day. Really just plain silly, but I was very pleased with the final chirps.

Why did you choose THAT sound for the cricket?

There are basically two types of acceptable cricket chirps out there.

  1. Actual cricket chirping. This is a very dry sound and you only hear the cricket chirping.
  2. “TV” cricket chirping sound. This is the idea that it’s so quite you can hear crickets in nature during awkward pauses (You get more of an ambient sound with some reverb).

For Version 1 of theCRICKETtoy™, I went with the “TV” version as I think it projects more and the reverb really helps it ring (I think it’s the funnier version). Our iPhone application will have a number of different versions for you to choose from (coming VERY SOON!!!)

Can I use your videos on my blog, YouTube or MySpace account?

Yes! As long as you say “this video courtesy of www.theCRICKETtoy.com and do not edit it in anyway, you may use our fun, awkward moment commercials on your site. We’ve even included low resolution (smaller file size) versions for faster access. Click here for more information.

I am a retailer and want to sell theCRICKETtoy™ in my store. Can I do that?

Yes! theCRICKETtoy™ and all of our t-shirts and other products are available for distribution. Quantity discounts make this a profitable and fun product for you to have in your stores! Contact us at: vendorrelations@theCRICKETtoy.com.

I want to wrap my Volkswagen Bug like a cricket. Can I do that?

Personally, we feel that a PT Cruiser most accurately reflects the look and feel of theCRICKETtoy™, but you may certainly wrap your Volkswagon Bug (or other car) if you like. Because theCRICKETtoy™ is a trademarked logo, we need to approve the design BEFORE you have your car wrapped.

If you do wrap your entire vehicle with theCRICKETtoy™ artwork, we will provide 100 free crickets for you to sell or pass out as you please. Contact our marketing department BEFORE you wrap your vehicle at: marketing@theCRICKETtoy.com for more information.

Look at the photos of our PT Cruiser to see just how wild your car can look. You may create awkward moments with the car. Calvin’s Cricket Car is in Calvin’s blog section labeled “Where’s Calvin?”

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